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Aaron helped his brother Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt, although both men died before they reached the Promised Land. The man in the sepia image was the first in the family to travel, to wear European clothing, to speak the foreign tongues of English and Spanish. These reflections hint at the extent to which deconstructionist debates on the 36 Parcours immobile, p. Créer un blog. Acheter Al khobz al hafi livre en arabe de Choukri Mohamad.

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AutoCAD mobile est une application de visualisation de fichiers DWG gratuite avec des outils de dessin faciles à utiliser vous permettant d. Vogl Effacez cette date de Le biographe est perméable aux Artistic licence allows the writer to manoeuvre the facts, to reframe them from different perspectives. This strategy does not detract from the truth value of the representation.

The facts and figures themselves are of little significance since they are perceived as inter- changeable, permeable, malleable, even situational.


What has supreme impor- tance for El Maleh is that he engages in the process of telling, of reconstructing a story, of rendering concrete a fleeting memory. Aaron helped his brother Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt, although both men died before they reached the Promised Land.

Aaron was the spokesman for Moses, who was not eloquent and had a speech impediment.


While El Maleh proposes written fiction as one form of resistance to the amnesia fostered by official history, oral narratives provide another counter- force in his work. Exclamations, interjections, and apostrophes create the impression that the reader is being told the story orally. All four novels privilege the voice, but none more so than Aïlen ou la nuit du récit.

The protag- onist acts as an oral historian, listening to a plurality of narrative voices and then recording their tales. Si Hmida, an old man in the souk, tells and retells epic stories. El Maleh refers specifically to the Aïssaoua and Hmatcha Sufi brother- 29 ibid.

The circular structure of the 32 Parcours immobile, pp. The circular- ity prompts readers to remember salient events and themes, and to find a path or at the very least a few road signs to help navigate the twisting, disjointed narrative. Une vie se récite, se répète, dikr! To this day, it is memorized and recited aloud, often serving as the book through which Arabo-Muslims learn to read.

Schoolchildren write on small boards or tablets with ink that they wash off once the lesson is learned by heart. It also enhances new traces to be elaborated to create a sense of historical and cultural continuity. In this respect, El Maleh writes, Les enfants sont sortis Vogl The immaterial dimension of the word enhances our imagination to use differ- 33 Aïlen ou la nuit du récit, ent strategies to deal with reviving our past. Writing in this respect can only p. Ephémères [les mots] se sont posés, pour quelques jours, pour Seuil, These reflections hint at the extent to which deconstructionist debates on the 36 Parcours immobile, p.

They emanate 37 ibid.


Writing, for El Maleh, bears traces of both death and life: Ecriture, expérience de la mort! One only has to recall the oxymoron of the title of his first novel, Parcours immobile, to recognize that he accepts and even embraces paradox and contradiction.

Like writing, photography has also been used to capture a historical past. An art critic himself, El Maleh is certainly aware of the importance of photog- raphy in the legitimation of a historical and cultural discourse.

In contrast to verbal representations that are perceived to be at a remove from the original referent, photographs are often considered to be more closely con- nected to the object represented.

Physical presence is the foundation for the claim that a photograph can capture a moment in time. There is a superimposition here: of reality and of the past.

The thing that is represented was there at one time, but is no longer. We only see its trace. It is not a coin- cidence that photographs serve as memento mori, or reminders of the dead.


On viewing the photograph of a condemned man, what strikes Barthes is the fact It was and it was not so El Maleh has also penned the Cherkaoui, Ahmed Cherkaoui, Edmond texts that accompany several collections of photographs, including a special Amran El Maleh et al. In avril-mai , p.


Essaouira, like a photograph, is at once ephemeral and eternal. Ecoute, écoute Double Page, 20 , pp. They photos Jean-Claude capture a moment in time of this city in constant flux, a version of a story that Forestier, preface et ed. But the images, like stories, are open to a myriad of interpreta- Françoise Gründ,. Noesis: Maison des tions. Not mere reflections of a reality, the photographs call The photographer, 43 ibid.

The first is the image of the tomb of the last Jew 80 Mary B. Vogl to be buried in the Jewish cemetery in Asilah. The tomb of the last Jew presents an image that is both eternal and his autobiography Berliner Kindheit um ephemeral.


The film treats the events and characters like slapstick, which makes you wonder where the comedy in the score is and if Jablonsky was even scoring the same film. English Pages The relationship between the exterior and interior is a determining factor in the personality of every home. Terraces are key elements when it comes to endowing living spaces with a deeper, more expansive and open quality. The earliest houses of all, temporary. An early and primary event in the story is the abandonment of a passenger ship in distress by its crew, including a young British seaman named Jim.

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